A Clear Calling and Humble Beginnings
Answering God's Call and Shaping the Mission

Founded under the guidance and support of Faith United Baptist Church and the late Pastor Delin Owens, Mission Baptist Church embarked on its journey with a resounding calling from God. Led by Pastor Rains, our inaugural service took place on January 7th, 1979 in the old Civic League Building on Alma Avenue, Blue Ash, Ohio.

With a humble start, a small group of devoted families, including the Danny Smith family and the Rains family, gathered alongside a few unchurched visitors. From that moment onward, the "mission" of our church began to take shape.

Over the years, we witnessed the abundant blessings of God as our congregation grew steadily. Easter of 1979 marked a significant milestone as Mission Baptist celebrated its first soul won to Christ. With unwavering faith and dedication, we continued to gather in the Civic League Building until June 1981 when we moved into our first church building at 9501 Highland Ave. This cherished property, originally built in 1912, was acquired from the Presbyterian Church.

Growth, Transition, and Expansion
Embracing New Horizons

The grace of God propelled Mission Baptist on a path of remarkable growth. In 1985, Pastor Rains, leaving his position at Ford Motor Company, transitioned into full-time ministry, further fueling our progress. Throughout the years, Pastor Rains pursued theological education, earning a Doctorate Degree in Theology and respectfully declining two honorary degrees.

Our journey continued with expansion and progress. We were privileged to expand our church building, acquire adjacent properties, and faithfully serve the Lord at our Highland Ave location until April 27th, 2014. In 2013, a new chapter began as we were led to our beautiful new building and property at 7595 Montgomery Road, holding our first service on May 1st, 2014.

Today, Mission Baptist Church stands as a vibrant and thriving community of believers. We reflect upon our history, recognizing the faithfulness of God in every step of our journey. Together, we have overcome challenges, embraced growth, and remained committed to our mission.

As we move forward, we eagerly anticipate the future, embracing the opportunities to continue serving the Lord, impacting our community with the life-transforming message of Jesus Christ, and standing as a testament to God's faithfulness throughout Mission Baptist Church's history.

Our Leaders