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Join Us for a Musical Celebration with the Warren Family on August 13th!

At Mission Baptist Church, we're excited to bring you an incredible musical experience that's sure to uplift your spirits and leave you inspired. The Warren Family, a renowned musical group with a rich history in ministry, will be gracing our church with their melodious tunes and heartfelt messages. Mark your calendars for August 13th, as this is a concert you won't want to miss!

50 Years of Music Ministry: A Remarkable Journey

The Warren Family have an extraordinary journey that spans five decades of music ministry. On January 1, 1970, David Warren, along with his brother Ronnie and their parents Lee and Nancy, embarked on a full-time music ministry that would impact countless lives. What began as a family's devotion to spreading God's message through music has blossomed into a legacy of faith and inspiration.

David & Devanie: A Love Story and a Ministry Unveiled

In 1984, David and Devanie crossed paths at Baptist Bible College. Their love story blossomed, and they tied the knot on August 3, 1985. The following year, on May 25, 1986, The David Warren Family ministry came into existence as they embarked on a journey of full-time evangelism. Their music resonated with audiences, touching hearts and kindling faith wherever they went.

A Family United in Faith and Ministry

The Warren Family ministry extends to the next generation, as their five children – Troy, Rachel, Brent, Ethan, and Caleb – are deeply involved in serving the Lord and our country. This family's commitment to faith and music shines through each of their children's lives, carrying forward a tradition of love and devotion to God's work.

Experience the Music with a Message

On August 13th, the Warren Family will be sharing their Music with a Message at Mission Baptist Church. Join us at both the 10 AM and 11 AM services for an unforgettable concert filled with soul-stirring melodies and powerful lyrics. Their songs are not just about music; they carry profound messages that touch the heart and uplift the soul.

You're Invited: Be Blessed and Inspired

We invite you, your family, and your friends to be a part of this extraordinary musical event. Come and experience the timeless melodies that have resonated with audiences for 50 years. Let the Warren Family Singers' harmonious voices and powerful words inspire you, uplift you, and draw you closer to God.

Don't Miss Out!

Make sure to mark August 13th on your calendar. Whether you're a fan of southern gospel music or simply seeking an opportunity to be spiritually uplifted, this concert is for you. Bring your loved ones along and let the Warren Family Music with a Message resonate in your heart.

Join Us on August 13th and Let the Music Speak to Your Soul!