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A Celebration of Dedication 

Every Sunday morning, the vibrant voices of children fill our halls, and classrooms buzz with stories of faith and love. Behind it all stands a dedicated team: our Sunday School staff. These are the champions of truth, raising up a generation grounded in the inerrant Word of God, separated from worldly influences, and committed to spreading the Gospel message far and wide through personal evangelism and the faithful proclamation of biblical truth.

This Sunday, February 4th, we celebrate their unwavering dedication with our annual Sunday School Day Service, a joyful event where we recognize and honor their invaluable contributions.

For Many, a Legacy of Faith

For many in our community, the impact of Sunday School transcends generations. Parents who once sang songs and learned Bible stories in these very classrooms now witness their own children embark on the same journey. Siblings, aunts, uncles, and friends – countless lives have been touched by the tireless efforts of our teachers.

A Day of Recognition and Gratitude

This Sunday, we come together to say "Thank you!" The service will be filled with music, laughter, and heartfelt gratitude. Pastor Bill Rains will share his appreciation, highlighting the individual strengths of our staff and the profound impact they have on our community. Each teacher will receive a token of appreciation, symbolizing the immense value we place on their service.

Your Presence, the Most Meaningful Gift

But perhaps the most meaningful gift we can offer is our presence. Your attendance will be a powerful testament to the significance of their work. Imagine the joy as our entire church family gathers to thank these exceptional individuals. Let's fill the space with warm smiles, enthusiastic applause, and heartfelt words of appreciation. Remember, a simple "thank you" can go a long way.

Celebrating Our Cornerstone

This Sunday, let us celebrate the cornerstone of our faith community – the dedicated men and women who shape the future of our church through their unwavering commitment to our children. Come, join us in honoring their remarkable contribution and show them just how much we appreciate the seeds of faith they sow each and every Sunday.

Beyond the Service: Ongoing Appreciation

The Sunday School Day Service is just the beginning. Let us extend our gratitude throughout the year. Consider sending a personalized card, offering to help with classroom activities, or simply expressing appreciation in a chance encounter. These small gestures speak volumes, reminding our teachers that their efforts do not go unnoticed.

Join Hands and Celebrate!

Mark your calendars for February 4th, 2024. Let us fill the church with gratitude and joy as we celebrate the heroes of our Sunday School! Together, we can ensure that the light of faith shines brightly in the hearts of our children, thanks to the unwavering dedication of these extraordinary individuals.

Together We Have/Can!

Pastor Bill Rains